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In 1982 Norwegian, Founder and Inventor, Dagfinn Nyborg came up with an idea. He wanted to develop a cart (Cab) that his dog Churt could pull. Towing children and gear to his mountain cabin in the middle of Norway.

What started as a hobby soon turned in to the “Kombikjerra“ (Combi-Sled). It was the first product to “hit“ the market, a product that had many of the same features you find in the NordicCab today.

The pictures above is taken in the 1980´s and show the inventor Dagfinn, his wife Bjorg, their dog Churt and their son Erik. Today Erik is managing the family business that is NordicCab.

Early Years

Little by little the original trailer was improved, and new ideas came steadily. In the early 90´s the sled eventually became the Rocky with the successor Rocky2. Earlier models of the Rockyare still being used and enjoyed by many people in Scandinavia today.

During the 1990´s Rocky was our brand. But in the early part of 2000, it was time to reinvent and refresh the product. Adding more features and making the product more user friendly. The name change to NordicCab came as a consequence after presenting the product to American customers. Where the name is associated with a certain Sylvester……………. And for sure trademarked.

A CAB is a: “light, horse-drawn carriage” Shortening of “Cabriolet” Shortening from the Italian word “Capriolare” that is the “leap of a kid” It´s an old Norse word for “he-goat”. It is a name describing personal transport in urban and nature.

When developing NordicCab we engaged the help of the brilliant designer Ulf Tolfsen at the Norwegian design company Labyrint. Our ambitious goal was to develop, without compromisee,  the best individual Bicycle Trailer, Ski-Sled, Dog-Sled and with well-functioning and user friendly solutions for Strolling and Jogging. We had to take in consideration the sometimes variable and extreme weather condition we have here in the north, with terrain, freezing temperature, snow, rain and wind. Every detail was to be optimized and designed to harmonize with the other parts, so that the sum of parts would create a whole product above anything in it´s class. Together to use top designers we also continue to listen carefully to our customers feedback, and are committed to making improvements based on their input.

Tested in it´s natural habitat

NordicCab originated in Hamar, a small town 120km north of Oslo. On Norway´s largest lake, just minutes from the best cross-country skiing in the world. The area is truly ideal for field testing this unique multi-trailer. The Mjøsa bike trail runs 50km along the lake and Sjusjøen cross country ski centre boasts endless kilometers of groomed ski trails.

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Developed in Norway Norway
Language: English / German