Questions & answers about our Nordic Cab trailers

In this section we add our FAQ´s – if you can´t find the answer to your question below, please contact us.

We will continue to update this section as we receive questions from our users.

Which model of Nordic Cab do I have?

Your bike trailer has a unique serial number and date stamp. They are located:

Explorer: Inside the bottom base under the seat.

Active and Urban: On the frame in front of the seat.

Why does Nordic Cab not have trailers for one child?

The difference in width between a single and a double trailer is not a lot and the reason for this is to ensure compliance with the safety regulations for bike trailers. The trailer has to be of a certain width for safety reasons. However, our trailers are set up so that you can easily use them with one child as well.

Can your trailers be used for one child only?

Yes, all Nordic Cab trailers are designed to be used with one or two children.

What tests have been carried out on the Nordic Cab trailers?

Nordic Cab strollers are tested and approved in accordance with:

  • Cycle trailers (EN 15918: 2011+A1:2013
  • Wheeled child conveyances (EN 1888)

Testing was performed by an independent control body (SGS)

Are the Nordic Cab trailers unstable when used with the ski attachments?

No, quite the opposite. Nordic Cab is the most stable pulka (ski sled) on the market.

Will my bike be compatible with the attachment for the trailer?

Almost all bikes are compatible with the Nordic Cab trailer attachment. Should it not fit, we do stock adapters. If you  contact us, we will be happy to assist you.  

How do I attach the babyseat safely?

Please refer to the user manual which you can find here. If you need further help or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.  

How do I clean/wash the canopy?

To clean the canopy or fabric use mild detergent and cold water. Do not use strong cleaning products. If you spot a tear or a rip in the canopy it is important that this is repaired immediately as it could pose a danger to the child(ren). We also recommend keeping the canopy out of direct sunlight over long periods of time to avoid fading. We do stock a cover that can be used to protect the trailer when not in use. Contact your local stockist for further information.

Is the manufacturing process environmentally friendly?


What is the maximum weight the trailers can carry?

All bike trailers have a maximum capacity of 45kg. This limit is imposed on all bike trailers as a safety measure for you and your child (ren).  

Is it easy to change the bike trailer to a stroller?

This only takes about 20 seconds and is extremely simple. We will be posting a video demonstration shortly. You can also have a look at the user manual for further instructions. 

Does the Nordic Cabs all come with a safety strap for the handle?

Yes, this comes as standard on all our bike trailers.