New skis for 2019

Nordic Cab multi-use kids trailers with ski

New Nordic Cab developed skis for the 2019 season!
From 2019 all our ski kits will be using our very own Nordic Cab skis. They have been well designed and rigorously tested for an optimal skiing experience.

Former head of ski testing and prepping for the Norwegian national cross country skiing team, Knut Nystad, has been a frequent user and active tester of Nordic Cab since the start of 2007 and he has given us his expert views and feedback.
Knut´s honest feedback has greatly contributed to the development of Nordic Cabs through the years. His contacts and expertise, especially in skiing, has given us an extra edge when developing new products.

Below we explain in more detail why we think our ski system works so well.

Good glide
– The skis are manufactured using high quality, cold impact PE. This material has very little friction on snow, and is the same as many ski manufacturers use as base for their skis.

Dedicated axle position for skiing
– Nordic Cab has its own axle point dedicated for the ski which is positioned further in front than the wheel position. This gives perfect balance to the ski sled and increases comfort with less strain on shoulders and back.

Curved shape
– The slightly curved shape of the ski provides good contact surface on the snow.

Control Track
– Underneath the ski there are four tracks. These keep the sled stable and prevent skidding from side to side, even downhill or turning.

Wide ski
– The broad surface of our ski also carries the sled well even where there are no tracks to follow.

Skis move individually
– The Nordic Cab ski each has its own axel and sit independent of each other. This allows the skis to move and keep the sled on a level even on uneven terrain.

– In addition to the high tip at the front, our skis also have a tip at the back. This makes it easy to manoeuvre. For example, if you are backing up with the sled, the skis will not dig into the snow.

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