NORDIC CAB – Our focus

We are a small Norwegian family business with a strong belief in the benefits of families spending quality time together outdoors.

We started making products for our own children for our many hiking, biking and skiing trips in Norway, and quickly decided we wanted to share this joy with others.

Our aim therefore is to provide safe, comfortable and flexible multi trailer solutions to active families everywhere.

NORDIC CAB – On safety

As a Norwegian company safety is always our topmost concern. We want all families to have a hassle-free time out with their kids, knowing that the safety of their loved ones has been considered in every detail.

Whatever weather, traffic, woods or mountains, you can always transport your children safely in a Nordic Cab product.

All models meet and exceed all standards for Bicycle Trailer and Stroller.

They are all delivered with 5-points seat harness, mesh net, good ventilation, water resistant materials, UV-protection in windows, sunscreens, safety flag, LED lighting and reflective materials for excellent visibility.

We have also included an additional security wire for e-bikes as a standard feature, and a custom made hiking and ski pull system for improved ergonomics and reduced strain.

NORDIC CAB – On comfort

All Nordic Cab models are developed with the needs and wishes of parents and children in mind.

Everybody knows that if the kids are comfortable– so are their parents!
We focus on the comfort of both parents and kids so you can all truly enjoy the adventure.

Therfore we have developed reclinable seats which are unique in the market, with multiple recline levels and extra low sleeping position, all done in seconds with our easy adjustment functions.

In the Nordic Cab`s comfort seats your children can sit upright, sleep or the in-between.

We also have independent suspension systems on each back wheel for increased comfort and stability while riding, large wheels, adjustable handle and easy folding.

NORDIC CAB – On versatility

 The Nordic Cab concept from the beginning has been to develop products that can be used by anyone, anywhere, any time. This is why our logo depicts a city and mountains – and anything in between.

We want families to be able to enjoy time with their kids anytime and anywhere. Whether it is in the city or in the mountains, while awake or asleep, whether you go walking, jogging, hiking or cycling, in rain and sunshine.

That is why all our products are multi functional – in so many ways.

All Nordic Cab trailers all come as a bike trailer and stroller in one, with a handy and easy storage space for the tow bar when it is not in use.

The stroller wheels can easily be put under the seats, the wheel protector which is necessary for bike trailers is retractable for when you use it as a stroller and the comfortable head cushions can be placed higher as your children grow.

With additional kits you can easily turn your bike trailer into a jogger, pulka or hiking trailer.

NORDIC CAB – Our products

We have designed and developed 4 different models suited the different needs and wishes of the market as we see them. Over the years they have all been rigorously tested by the Nordic cab team and their families, but also by many of our national ski heroes as well as all kinds of active families across Europe. We have taken their advice to continuously improve on the safety and comfort of our products, in order to present the multi trailers we have today.

Our product range includes – Active our family friendly trailer, Explorer – for the outdoor enthusiast, Urban– taking it one step further and Urban+ for the one who wants it all.

Today Nordic Cab continues to develop and distribute quality multifunctional bike trailers so families can enjoy spending time together – wherever they go.

We welcome and are dependant on YOUR feedback to continue to develop and improve our products.

If you have an recommendations or comments on our product please write to info (add where our helpful team in the office will receive it.

We appreciate all your feedback and support.

Should you wish to become a dealer – write to our sales manager, Silje (add 

Thank you.

The team at Nordic Cab