Nordic Cab trailers

Nordic Cab trailers

Whatever weather, traffic, woods or mountains, you can always transport your children safely in a Nordic Cab trailer.
Our multi-use family trailers feature large wheels, adjustable handles, easy folding, mesh nets, good ventilation, water resistant materials, UV-protection and sunscreens on all windows. Originating in Norway, the Nordic Cabs were designed with an eye on the weather and focus on safety and all our models meet and exceed all standards for Bicycle Trailer and Stroller.

Scroll down and choose the Nordic Cab trailer for you, whether it´s the Active bike trailer with all you need for a family outing, the Urban kids trailer, with additional comfortable features like the double seat with individual adjustment or the Explorer multi-trailer and its clever cargo wagon option.

With a Nordic Cab you can always enjoy quality time together – in comfort.

Our trailers

An Active day for all

The Active bike trailer

The Active is an all-in bike trailer choice for your family. Whether you want to go on a bike ride or need to take the kids for a stroll in the park or to the shops, the Active has all the options covered. Standard features for the Active include:

•   Nordic cab comfort seats – plenty of room for 1 or 2 kids

•   Adjustable handlebars for a comfortable stroll

•   Storage space at the back

•   Independent suspension on each backwheel for increased stability

•   The Active comes with bike and stroller attachment as standard

•   Options for jogger wheel, harness for hiking and skis also available

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The Urban kids trailer

The Urban kids trailer

For those who want a few added extras, the Urban trailer is the perfect choice. Shock absorbers, waterproof zippers and ventilation hatches makes the Urban our most comfortable kids trailer yet. Other excellent features include:

•   Comfortable and well padded seats  for 1 or 2 kids

•   The seats can be adjusted individually

•   Double set stroller wheels at the front

•   Bike attachment and stroller wheels as standard with optional extras like jogger wheel, skis and hiking harness available

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Be a trailblazer! Go Explore!

The Explorer multi-trailer

The Explorer trailer was designed with the aim to cover as many outdoor activities as possible, whilst keeping you and your children safe and comfortable. It also converts to a handy, hard-based cargo trailer. Other features include:

•   Suitable for 1 or 2 kids

•   Fully reclinable seats for a comfortable sleeping position

•   A robust plastic base means it converts easily to a cargo trailer and the base also adds extra warmth     for winter journeys

•   You can add skis, a harness (for you or or your dog) or a  jogger wheel

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