Norwegian Outdoor magazine “UTE” tests our Active bike trailer

NORDIC CAB ACTIVE: The latest addition from Nordic Cab has continued many of the solutions from the earlier Explorer model, which we have previously tested here in UTE.

The bicycle trailer includes suspension, parking brake, UV protection, retractable sunshades, mosquito nets, and rear LED light.

The fact that the car is designed for two children from 1-5 years makes it a good alternative for outdoor families that are active all year round. Even in wind and snow, the child is completely protected. There is also a good storage space behind the trailer, and the handle has several adjustment options to fit adults of different height.

Some options we also like with this trailer are the adjustable “Nordic Cab Comfort Seats”. You can lower the seats to 45 degrees, which makes it good for sleeping for the child if needed. It is not difficult to lower the seats, but we would prefer if it could be done while the child is sitting in the carriage. The load capacity is good, with a large pocket on the back of the trailer. Acitve can accommodate two children, but it may be a bit cramped if one child approaches the age of four or older. If used with one child, they can be moved closer to the centre or you can use the space for storage. The child is fastened with five-point safety belt. Even though the trailer can be folded when not in use, it does take up some space.

The previous Nordic Cab we tested (Explorer) had 10 cm. wider skies if you were going to use it as a pulk (Ski-sled), which made it feel very steady also off the beaten track. The Active has narrower skis, and these were not available until after the magazine went into print so we have not tested these.

One of the advantages of this model is that the price is lower than other bike trailers as well as the Explorer and the Urban. Dimensions mounted: B 81 x L 93 x H 96 cm.

 Large windows provide good visibility and insight. Retractable seats.

 Requires space during transport / storage. Can be tight if there are two older children using it.


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