Product test of Pulka/skisled

Product test of Pulka/skisled in the Norwegian magazine “fjell og vidde”

The Explorer was deemed the best skisled (kjelke) and also scored well compared to other Pulka’s in the test.
Nordic Cab is a product that can be used all year around, and it is important to keep in mind all the possibilities and uses you get with this product.
Good -very good skiing qualities, very good upholstery, best space for kids and luggage are some of the comments.
See the full evaluation here, and some additional comments from us.

Read the whole test here (in Norwegian)

We here at Nordic cab are pleased that Fjell og vidde have done a thorough evaluation of pulka’s in the market.
We feel, however, that this test primarily focuses on the product qualities for the skier, and maybe not enough on the child’s comfort and other practical aspects of using a pulka.
We would therefore like to mention some advantages of the Nordic cab Pulka Explorer, that have not been considered in this test.

Comfort and Safety
In a Nordic Cab trailer the child is liftet up from the snow and thereby avoiding the cold coming directly through the material.
The child is also protected from wind or snow inside the trailer hut.
The children can sit upright, lie down flat or anything in between in the Nordic cab comfort seats.
Large canopy windows on 3 sides with UV filters.
Retractable sunscreens
5 point harness system seat belts, and a tipping cage for increased safety

Wide distance between skis as well as skis that move independently creates stability and comfort.

Another thing to consider are the practical aspects of using a pulka.
When using a pulka a couple of times a year, you would normally need to transport it in a car.
A Nordic cab trailer can be folded down to about the same size as a baby stroller, and can easily fit in most trunks.
Our multisport trailers can also be used all year around, as a pulka, bike trailer, baby stroller, jogging trailer and more.
As it s used the whole year, the trailer does not need to be stowed away, but should you wish to do so it is small and compact.
It is also worth mentioning that for the price listed in this test, you do not only get the pulka but also a bike trailer and baby stroller.

Regarding Nordic cab’s qualities off piste, we are not rated as good as the traditional pulka, and we acknowledge this.
Nordic cab is designed as a multisport product, but of course we want our pulka function to be as good as possible on its own.
Even though the Explorer has been used on expeditions to Greenland, Baffin Island, and the Amundsen race, it is not designed with this specific purpose in mind.
We believe most families sking with children use the prepared tracks, and this is where our focus has been.
To go off the track to set up camp etc is of course no problem.