The Urban+ kids trailer and stroller

Urban + is our Urban bike trailer with the addition of a hand operated disc brake system for our enthusiastic joggers and walkers out there.

When out jogging, running or walking with your trailer a handbrake is a welcome feature as you might need to gradually brake with the trailer for a more comfortable experience.

It can also be handy if you live in a hilly place where you want to have better control of your trailer.

The Nordic Cab Urban+ comes with a high end disc brake system which allows for a gradual and smooth brake without tear and wear to the tire.

A smoother ride with our patended suspension system

On this model we are also proud to introduce our patented Nordic Cab suspension system, made of glass fibre rods.

The rods can be adjusted in three different positions for optimal comfort.

In addition we have added a shock absorberon the Urban+, to give you an even smoother ride.

The elastomer dampers will stretch and compress, and reduce the bounce in the spring for improved traction on the road.

The system needs no oil and needs almost no maintenance.

Nordic Cab comfort seats with an upgrade

Nordic Cab is known for its comfort seats but on the Urban and Urban+ we have taken comfort to a brand new level, with a “one of a kind” double seat where you can individually adjust each seat into the perfect sitting or sleeping position – because every child is different.

The seats are easy to adjust with a lever placed under the base of each seat, and adjust all the way from a comfortable 120 degree sitting position to a 145 degree snoozing position.

We have even optimised the cushions on our Urban trailers with extra airy and well padded seats and headrests.

And of course the Urban trailers features our 5 point harness system and our cabin design with added shoulderspace.

An all-weather kids´ trailer

We know weather in Norway! Therefore we have designed the Urban and the Urban+ trailer with waterproof zippers so you can be out and about, knowing your kids are safe and dry – even in the pouring rain.

We have also added additional ventilation hatches on the Urban range, where air enters from the sides and exits through the back, giving a comfortable but not disturbing flow of air in the cabin. The ventilation can be adjusted according to weather and climate with easy pull down shades.

Urban and Urban+ also has UV protected windows, mosquito netting and sunshades on all windows.


More kid-friendly features

In the Urban trailers we have added even more features to make sure you and your kids are safe and comfortable at all times.

There is a conveniently located top hatch just in front of the handlebar so that when you are out walking or jogging, you can see your children at all times.

We have even added double set of stroller wheels to give you and your kids that extra comfort when on bumpy roads. They are, of course, our customary quick release wheels.

As well as the storage space in the back, Urbans feature small practical pockets inside the cabin as well as a large storage space underneath the trailer, for those extra storage needs.

Urbans also feature our customised easy storage for bike towbar, independent all-terrain suspension system and our Nordic Cabsafe-pull system for e-bikes and much more.

The Urban+ features:
  • Norwegian design
  • Independent all-terrain suspension system
  • Security wire for e-bikes
  • Nordic Cab reclinable comfort Seats with individual adjustment for each child. Easily adjustable from 120 to 145 degrees angle
  • Hand brake with disc brake system and additional elastomer damper
  • Adjustable NC patented suspension system
  • UV protected windows
  • Retractable sun screens on all windows
  • Mosquito netting
  • Reflective material for increased visibility
  • Padded Seats and cushions
  • Adjustable handle with padding
  • Adjustable cushion height for kids of different ages
  • Easy and compact folding
  • Safe and comfortable buckles with 5 point harness system
  • Customised easy storage for bike towbar
  • Easy conversions into ski, jogging, hiking and stroller
  • Quick release 20’ wheels
  • Quick release double set of stroller wheels
  • Reflective rims
  • Easily accessible back storage space
  • Additional storage space under trailer
  • Inside pockets for storage of minor items
  • Stroller hatch with a clear view of the cabin
  • Smart sideway ventilation system
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Retractable wheel protector
  • Nordic Cab safety flag
  • Safety strap for handle
  • Available with Multi trailer options such as jogging kit, hiking kit and ski kit
  • A large assortment of accessories available
  • Tested and approved both according to standards for Bicycle trailers (EN 1888) and for strollers (NS-EN 15918:2011+A1:2013)