underBARA BABY exhibition

In recent years, “underBARA BARN” from various sources have received inquiries if they could imagine arranging a corresponding fair even during the spring. In 2016 underBARA BARN made an appreciated pop-up in the Frihamnen in Stockholm – a little less, more intimate and with the pregnant and our smallest visitors in focus

Now for the third time underBARA BARN open the doors to underBARA BABY POP UP on 24th-25th March, it’s dax, this time at the Waterfront in central Stockholm!

The story behind the fair is that, just over 15 years ago, Kickie & team also was a parent and wanted to learn about the new role in life. Kickie was looking for some kind of child-related forum, a fair or similar to visit, but found nothing. That’s when Kickie decided to start her own fair after her own and other parents’ needs. The result was underBARA BARN (CHILDREN) and it feels great to present a little sister company underBARA BABY.

Nordic Cab has all models shown on underBABA BABY and you are welcome to visit us at our booth.

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